How to Guard Your Privacy With Registered Agent Service

Discover how using a registered agent can be a strong move to protect your privacy (and why it matters).

January 5, 2021
5 min read

Privacy is a big concern. When you form a company, how can you be sure your information won't be out for everyone to see?

Registered Agents can help immensely with this. Many Registered Agent services come with perks like shielding LLC Member names from the public, and using their address as the address of business.

Take Wyoming for example, a state renowned for its privacy pertaining to LLC's. Wyoming Registered Agent Service doesn't put any members names of your LLC on the public record, they use their address on all formation docs, filings, and other paperwork, and keeps all your personal information off the record.

Privacy is something everyone should maintain, so we recommend you use a Registered Agent!

If you use StartPack, you can get all of those privacy perks, PLUS mail forwarding, and EIN Application and bank account formation, all for one annual fee.

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