Meet StartPack Entrepreneur Jorge Aguayo Building Prata Joyeria

October 6, 2021

We had the opportunity to chat with StartPack entrepreneur Jorge Aguayo of Prata Joyeria to learn more about his company and his experience using StartPack.

Jorge Aguayo's Bio

Jorge Aguayo is a jewelry entrepreneur from Mexico who pursued his dream of expanding his sterling silver business to the American market. Jorge is now Owner of Prata Joyeria, an e-commerce business selling hundreds of fine silver jewelry pieces made by more than 70 artisans from different regions of Mexico. Check out his range of jewelry here on the Prata Joyeria site, https://pratajoyeria.com/

In this talk you will learn:

  • How Jorge started his company
  • How Jorge set up his business from a legal perspective
  • What it’s like to enter the US market as a non-American citizen
  • And answers to questions folks had live along the way!

Hear why Jorge chose StartPack, to launch his US company Prata Joyeria 🚀

About the author

Kirsten Stainer

Chief of Staff at StartPack

Kirsten is Chief of Staff at StartPack. She is passionate about AI-driven tech, gastronomy, and traveling the world.

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