How Do I Get A US Mailing Address with a Lease?

Often times, you also need a form of address verification to verify your US mailing address! A lease is a fantastic way to verify your address and here's how to set this up for your US company.

January 20, 2021
3 min read

Can I get a US mailing address and lease with StartPack?

You can get a US Mailing Address with a Lease through StartPack. This is one of our most popular offerings as it is a fantastic way to verify your US business address.

Can I see a sample lease?

Below is a sample of what this lease looks like.

Note: this lease is fully redacted and we removed all personally identifiable information as we take customer privacy extremely seriously at StartPack.


If you'd like to get a US Mailing Address with a lease, look no further!

StartPack is here to help 🚀

To get started all we need is your info in this form and we can get started on your US mailing address with a lease!

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