How Do I get a US Phone Number From Outside the US with Utility Bill Proof?

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January 21, 2021
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Why Get a US Phone Line?

There are many reasons why you may need a Business Phone line. While the actual reasons are virtually endless, the most common uses can be:

  • Business Verification: When applying for a bank account, Stripe/PayPal account, Amazon Seller account and more, a U.S. phone number is required
  • Proof of Location: Many services will require a utility bill as a proof-of-location to conduct business. If you want to sell on Amazon, this is a must!
  • Customer Support: Sometimes customers want to talk to people rather than read a website to search for answers!
  • Professionalism: Give your LLC an added element of professionalism with a U.S. Business Phone number instead of an international cell, or no number at all!

Why do I need a Utility Bill?

With StartPack's Business Phone Plan through our trusted partner, we also provide a utility bill with this phone number. This Utility Bill will have your LLC's address on it, which is a must necessary for any proof of address, but commonly used for:

  • Amazon Seller: Amazon requires proof of location within the U.S. to become a Seller. They mandate a utility bill with your companies principal address on it as verification
  • Credit: Many business credit solutions require a similar proof like Amazon, wanting verification that you own a U.S. LLC
  • PayPal Business: In order to get a business PayPal account, you need a US Utility Bill to verify the business address

What are the benefits of the StartPack Phone Line with Utility Bill?

Through our partners, StartPack offers a U.S. Business Phone Number that:

  • Has Unlimited Talk and Text!
  • Can connect to any international number so you can have instant access to calls and texts to your business number on any device you already have
  • Can be used for Bank Account applications (a phone with two-factor authentication is required for US Bank Accounts)
  • Can be used to make a PayPal or Stripe account
  • Acts as verification for Amazon Seller, or any other e-commerce platform in the United States
  • Helps streamline communication by separating personal from business, to make managing your business simpler!

Is this a proper U.S. mobile number? I.e. not a VOIP number?

This is a proper U.S. Phone Number. Calls are free over wifi, but without wifi there may be international charges. For that reason, we highly recommend the mobile client for the phone. With the mobile client, any smartphone can access the phone line, in addition there is a "desktop-dialer" which is what we strongly recommend as use for the phone. Any time you are on your computer, you have access to your phone, and there is 0 risk of accidental international fees with the desktop dialer.

How much does it cost?

Other companies can charge up to $1000/year for a Utility Bill alone. If you include a Phone Line, the costs can go up to $1400-$1500!

StartPack's Phone Line with Utility Bill through our partner provides phenomenal value for an extremely affordable price. Here are the details:

  • $175 one-time processing and set-up fee to StartPack

Our US Phone Partner then charges the following fees (we make no money from this, this goes directly to the phone company):

  • $400 fully refundable initial deposit to our phone line partner for new LLCs (<6 months old)
  • $75 fully refundable initial deposit for LLCs 6 - 12 months old
  • No deposit required for LLCs >12 month old!
  • Monthly line charge of $25.00 plus surcharges, fees, and government taxes
  • You can cancel anytime directly with the phone company with 60 days notice

How long does the process take to set up the line?

  • First, your complete and accurate information must be provided to our phone partner. We will help with this process
  • Once this is complete, please allow 14 business days for installation of the phone number
  • Once this is complete you should receive your utility bill within 14-30 business days

Can you guarantee this bill work work for anything?

This is a service provided by a trusted partner of ours. However, we cannot make any guarantee, warranty, or representation as to whether or not this phone number will be accepted by third party institutions and companies.

Let StartPack Handle it for you

With all the reasons why you need a Phone and a Utility Bill, the StartPack Phone + Utility Bill package through our trusted partner is the best value for your money.

For less than a dollar a day, you can get an unlimited talk and text international phone plan!

Let us handle this setup for you so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business 🚀

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