What is the overall process? How long does it take?
What information + documents do I need to provide to get started?


Can I speak to a tax professional?
What taxes do I have to pay?


Are there any hidden fees?
What other fees are there? Are there any other ongoing costs?
Is it an annual fee? Why pay annually?
What is the StartPack refund policy?

Banking (Mercury)

See up to date answers to all of these questions at The below answers are directly pasted from the above website.

What bank do you work with?
What documents do I need to apply for a Mercury account?
Can I open an account if I’m not physically in the United States or a United States resident?
What types of companies and countries don't you support?
How much does Mercury cost? Is there a minimum balance?
Can I withdraw and deposit cash from / at ATMs?


Do I get a US Address? How about mail scans and forwarding?
Can I trust StartPack? And how secure is StartPack?
What if I have more questions?