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Why It Matters


$ 349 / year

Legal paperwork and requirements don't stop after your initial filing. Our services renew to keep you smart, legal, and relaxed year after year.

No LLCs for international founders

Incorporate your business from anywhere in the world

If you're not in the US, you can't use Stripe to form your US LLC.

One-time fee & filing

On-going service and support
- Annual registered agent fees included
- Annual LLC tax included
- Compliance reminders

You'll need to pay annual fees on your LLC (missing them incurs fines), so we'll remind you of what's due.

World-class live chat, email support, and consultation

We take your business personally, so you'll never feel alone. Our customers say we're quite good at this. Book time with us now.


Free US tax consultation from registered CPAs

We'll connect you to the experts that keep you legal and smart.


US Bank Account
- US phone line
- Utility bill
- US mailing address

This isn't provided by Stripe but is needed for US paperwork. It can also add another layer of credibility to your business.

Additional services you can purchase as needed

IRS Foreign Tax Filings (Form 5472/1120

Failure to file this form can result in a $25,000 fine.

US tax filing and bookkeeping

We make it easy to comply with the IRS.

Everything you need to set up PayPal

We get you set up and file your paperwork, so you get the forms you need for PayPal

Support in securing your US domain name

Register your website in the US.

Support in setting up your US website

Built with global entrepreneurs in mind

You’re not alone in this. Forming a legal entity in the US feels daunting and complex. That’s why we expanded on Stripe’s services to make sure you get the added support you need to thrive.

LLCs for US & Foreign founders

We help founders globally. Single or multiple member LLC? Need help deciding? We have you covered.

US Bank Account

We'll help you get your EIN (Employer Identification Number) and get set up with a US bank account.

US Mailing Address

We'll get you set up with a US Mailing address which you can use for your business + bank account.

US Tax Help

We connect our customers with a certified tax professional to help them with US taxes.

Payments with Stripe

We'll help guide you through the process of setting up your initial payments stack with Stripe.

Live Chat Support

Starting a business can be confusing. Our team is here to help every step of the way, one message away.

Smaller initial filing fee

For $349, we’ll help you set up your bank account, payment systems, incorporate your LLC and more. Stripe costs $500.

Continued support even after your LLC is formed

We’ll reach out to keep you compliant year-over-year and are constantly adding more services to support you and your company.

We also offer business basics

We offer support setting up websites, domain names, accounting, and more. 

Ensured compliance for global entrepreneurs

Founders outside of the US are important to us, so we’re building and adding services you won’t see in US-focused companies.

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‟I previously used another company (your competitor)... they just disappeared, they dropped me... Really grateful finding your company... When we start talking, I figured, hey, it's real person. Definitely before you find any company out there, you might feel like it's a scam or whatever, right? But as I said, when I connected to you, personally, I found that well, this connection, and I felt like it's not a scam. So I dove into [StartPack] right away.”

- Alex Yeghorav, Based in Ukraine, Founder of Keto Mastery 
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"It's not just about, the initial paperwork you've filed... It's also about finding the partner who can continue to put up with the ongoing demands of doing business. I was looking for a partner who was responsive, number one, and who had that ability, the flexibility to, accommodate the rapid changes that any business will need... These people [StartPack] know what they're talking about."

- Mazeer Majwood, Based in India, Founder of AuroraRCM